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App that is made to create more joyful walking experience through music.

UI UX Design
UX Research


4 weeks (Jan - Feb 2023)


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Walking is BORING

I started off by asking pain points that people encounter while walking.

People usually go out to walk for necessity rather than for fun, and they usually feel bored and were less motivated. 


How might we create a more joyful and entertaining walking experience?

Research Methods

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Survey - 67 responses

To understand users’ motivations and general behavioral trends during walking, I investigated people from different age groups.

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Interview - 7 participants

I've conducted interviews with participants and asked them the questions below to better understand the thought process behind their walking experiences and decisions.

Interview questions:

  1. In a typical week, how often do you go out for a walk around your neighborhood?

  2. What’s the main purpose of your walking?

  3. Can you walk me through your walking journey

  4. What’s the most important factor while you choosing a walking route

  5. What are the biggest pain points or challenges while walking your neighborhood

  6. What would make you want to walk over riding a car? / how would you get more motivated to walk?

“Honestly, health doesn’t really impact my walking decision.
I never really track my steps nor health data.”

“For me, weather becomes the biggest consideration in walking. I always check the weather first, and if the weather’s nice, I go out to walk even when I’m busy.”

"“As a huge jogger & walker, music is very important. I always check if I brought my earbuds before I leave my home.”

Major Insights

- Less people than I expected were interested in their health statistics/data based on their walking steps

-People considered
weather and music as important factors and motivations while walking.

User Experience Map

Before going in-depth, I wanted to understand the whole process of their walking journey and the main user touchpoints. So I created user experience map based on 'before, during, and after' the walking experience. 

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Competitive Analysis

How is current marketing utilize different features?

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Most of the popular walking apps are focused on steps tracking, health data analysis, weight loss program or fitness plan.


A lot of them feature extra costs for essential features / need to be upgraded for access to premium features (with many advertisements)

Some of them work better with their own device

Ideation - Goals


motivate users to walk while making the experience more entertaining through music


make it more interactive to communicate with other users


differentiate with other walking tracking platforms

By having clear HMW's, I was able to broaden the range of possibilities, which later turned into next actional steps. 

User Persona

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Emily, 26
Graphic Designer


She is a full-time designer, but loves walking as a hobby. When she gets home after work, she always goes out to walk for 20-40 min. It's her favorite time of the day, since she loves listening to song while walking and spends time thinking alone. She has been living in the city for an year, and wants to explore more area around her neighborhood.


  • Exploring new places around her neighborhood

  • Finding a perfect song for the weather

  • Searching walking routes that have nice sceneries


  • Gets more productive and motivated after walking

  • Loves watching nice view and sunset

  • Has full playlists of songs to listen while walking


  • Walks the same route almost everyday

  • Feels bored sometimes because she tends to walk alone

  • Wants new music playlist to feel refreshed

Ideation - Userflow

Group 1002.png

General flow

Slide 16_9 - 20.png


Wireframe helped me to determine the possibilities of combining a walking focused app with music media features.

wireframe 랄라라.png

User Testing - 4 rounds

Testing was an integral part of the process because it was important to see what real users think of the experience to ensure the needs are met. 

Users wanted more communicative elements and simplicity within overall experience, so I focused on enhancing the user experience by removing some common features that are already existed in other walking apps, and added other interactive visuals that could make the music + walking experience more personalized and fun. 

The Final Product

1. Home 

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  • Weather at one glance


  • Daily card to suggest different route everyday based on the weather info - songs that fit to the environment / mood


  • Other routes exploration

iPhone 13 Mockup (11).png

  • Weather tab navigates to weather info screen where users can check today's temperature, sunrise and sunset time, air quality and humidity

1.1 Select Today's Trip

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  • Today's route

  • Search own destination

  • Saved route

1.2 Walk

  • Suggests different distances of routes based on the user's location - Short, middle, long

  • Shows songs that other users added while walking this route / area

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  • Shows other's memories about the songs and able to comment

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iPhone 13 Mockup (8).png
  • Able to view other's music profile and add songs into own track

1.3 Arrival

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  • Short message

  • Hashtags

  • Rating

2. Music

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  • Daily music suggestion

  • Recommends track of songs based on the route near the user


  • Able to create and share playlist with friends

  • Show playlist under each hastags

3. Route

Group 1004.png
Group 1007.png
  • Recommends different walking routes

  • Provides brief info about the route


  • Hashtags to enable users find route easily

  • Provides Safety / Accessibility hazard

4. User

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  • Walking Calender

  • Saved routes

  • My music - shows my added songs and playlists

  • Favorite playlist

iPhone 13 Mockup (9).png
  • Walking Calender - walking history

  • Yellow bar shows the amount of steps user walked 

Clickable Prototype

Click around the app here

Next steps

  • Build more community / interactive features among the users who share similar music taste or walk similar route

  • Consider more about the safety or accessibility issues during their walking journey

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