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App for discovering and booking accommodation around the world, while providing contactless experience  between the host and guests

My role: User research, Wireframes, Prototyping, 

Timeline: 5 weeks
(December  2022)

Tools: Figma, Photoshop, Illustration, Miro


Contactless experience and digital technology has been gradually introduced across the social and professional industries for a few years now, but since the Covid 19 pandemic, the attentions for such has dramatically increased. According to a study, less than half of the users considered contactless experiences important before the pandemic. However, it nearly doubled the number say those experiences will be significant even after the pandemic is over.
Inspired by the increasing adoption of mobile technologies and acceleration by Covid 19, I built 
a problem-solving application that provides efficient and functional booking process for the future travelers. 


- Travelers are faced with the problem of not wanting to confront the host to enter 
- Travelers encounter difficulties entering the apartment immediately after booking an accommodation

Understanding problem space 

"How might we build a user friendly and functional booking and entry system that can also be integrated with contactless technology?"

User research -Survey 

To understand behavioral trends and challenges during the journey of mobile booking,  I conducted a survey and investigated people from different generations

Major Insights

Convenience and ease of use are the keys for the mobile booking 

Gen Z users(20s-30s) are more likely than any other generation consider that contactless experiences are important and convenient to use

82% of people preferred mobile more than face-to-face experience during the booking journey

User research -Interview  

Focusing more on the process of booking, entering, and staying in an accommodation, I wanted to better understand the past experience of the users and thought processes behind their decisions.

"Sometimes I book the accommodation in a very last minute and it's frustrating to wait for host's message to get full information about the place."

"I usually go on a trip with my friends, and there was a time when I lost key so we couldn't get into place and had to wait host for few hours to arrive and open for us."

There are a lot of mobile booking apps, but some of them are too complicated to use. Too many , processes, buttons, and tabs... I just want them to be little more simple." 

Major Insights

Users want fast response from hosts about the stay information

Limited number of entry keys causes difficulties when they get lost

Users want the booking / entering mobile app to be more simplified

Since a lot of users go on a travel or rent a place with friends or family, they want the sharing feature to be more crucial and specified

Information architecture 

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