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Build and maintain network by discovering activities and connecting with other people through common interests.

UI UX Design
User Research


Sumin Jung
Sumin Chung
Armie Nasa 


2months (April- May 2023)


How do people feel when they recently have moved to big cities..

I started off by asking pain points to the people who recently have relocated to big cities, after graduating from college or living in their hometown for x years.

“It can be hard to get out of my comfort zone to make new friends.”

"It is a lot of time and effort to meet someone new and find people to connect with, especially in a new social setting."

“It’s even harder to maintain the relationships after.”

People are tend to feel:

  • Excited yet anxious to start a new chapter

  • Difficult to get out of their comfort zone to expand the social circle

  • Lonely and homesick

Competitive Analysis

What platforms do users currently use to build new connections/networks?

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The main struggles of current platforms are that 

  • Dating apps and social platforms such as Hinge and Yubo can sometimes feel forced.

  • Event finding platforms such as meetup and nudge can be a good start, but only focus on initial connection and not maintaining the relationship longer term

User Research Methods

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Survey - 28 responses

To understand users’ general behavioral trends while building new connections through common interests, classes/activities, and mobile apps, we investigated people who have recently graduated from college and relocated to new settings.

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Survey Observation / Insights 

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We further conducted interviews with 11 participants and asked them the questions below to deeply delve their community, class/activities experiences and the form of connection that is made from those experiences.

Interview questions:

  1. Think about an activity, class or community you were a part of, tell me about your experience.

  2. How did you discover them?

  3. What kinds of relationships did you form from these communities?

  4. How do you feel about meeting new people through common interests and activities?

  5. What are the biggest pain points or challenges in being part of that?

  6. What do you think can be improved?

  7. Do you have experience of making new friends / building new connection outside of your school /work community through apps/platforms?

  8. How different is this experience from other experiences you had?

Meta Insights

In conclusion, these are the 5 meta insights that we extracted from the user research.