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Imagining 2070

Impact of Urbanization and climate change on the future human living lifestyle

Timeline: 5 weeks
(October  2022)

Background / Problem

As the world continues to rapidly urbanize, many of the region’s development challenges: governance and access to service, and environmental sustainability

Urban centres will hold the key to a sustainable and inclusive future, with the dual challenge of supporting urban poor and responding to climate change.

In the future...

More fluid to maximize the use of space, save energy

Emphasis on temporary, eco-friendly, flexible, inventive spaces

- Linkage between the issues of climate change and inclusive, sustainable urbanization

- Living a more sustainable and multi-location lifestyle

#1 Idea

Portable Shelter / Tent (For warm and humid climate- Eastern Asia)

My design got inspired from Isopod, Armadillo, and Insects' wings that feature folding & unfolding elements and contain segmented structure. 

Group 1.png

Low fidelity sketch

텐트 .png

High fidelity model sketch

텐트 2.png

Aluminum for the structural member of the architecture (base part) - lighter than iron and more resistant from different climate conditions such as rains and snow

ETFE for outer layer : translucent material which will bring light and protect from Ultraviolet rays


Low-fi  Prototype

low fi.png

High-fi  Prototype

high fi .png

#2 Idea

Hinged windows (Detailed design of portable tent)

스크린샷 2023-03-20 112820.png

Shutter hinged windows are used, which can adjust the size of opening required at day and night time, and let shades the shelter for minimum heat gain.

#3 Idea

Portable sleeping bag

스크린샷 2023-03-20 113445.png
스크린샷 2023-03-20 112849.png

Comes out with a form of traveling suitcase, and once it gets expanded, it becomes a sleeping bag where user can get inside and take a rest or sleep.

Thank you!

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