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Enhancing communication between students, parents, and teachers on high school level

User research


3 weeks
Jan - Feb 2023)

Eric Kim
Yiyang Zhang
Rachel Chang

Pain Points / Assumptions

We started off by writing down pain points that students, parents, and teachers encounter in highschool.


How can we form a comfortable and fluid relationship between student, parent and teacher when it comes to academic outcomes?

Research - Interviews

User research was conducted to identify the more specific problem faced by parents, teachers, and students.  We conducted face-to-face, phone call, and zoom interview, and received 20+ responses.

Interview - Teachers

“Especially when working at a school where both parents work, getting communication timed right when someone can pick up the phone is really tough.”

“Feeling tired and burdened sometimes. Since we are already expected to teach for 8 hours a day, spending more time to communicate with students is often difficult.

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Interview - Parents

“Don’t want to be over-involved with their education, but I still want to make sure they're on the right track regarding school / college preparation.

“As a working mom, I have less time to interact with my kid to ask about their academic progress or school life. Also it’s difficult to schedule a meet with teachers when needed & needing to find the contacts of a teacher.”

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Interview - Students

“[I wanted] to have some sort of independence and think everything should be done by ourselves. Hard to be 100% honest with our parents.”

“High school life is kinda tough. I have to go through peer pressure, college preparation, and personal concerns. I just need a consultant who can give me real advice.”


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Major Insights

Finding the right time and aligning schedules to communicate is the biggest problem that teachers face.

Parents want access to resources and support that will help students make decisions about their future.

High School students feel the need to be independent, creating stress. 

User Journey

Created user journey map to understand the whole process of interaction between parent, teacher, and student, and mainly how they feel / think during each step. 

User Journey 1.png
User Journey 5.png
User Journey 4.png

Competitive Analysis



Didn't allow fluid and direct interaction between teacher, student, and parent

Had a lot of ads on each steps - commercial purpose

Complex process and UI that cause confusion 

User Persona

User Persona (1).png

Information Architecture

IA (1).png
p 11.png

Final Prototype - Key features

Feature 1: Monthly Newsletter

Parents receive a monthly newsletter and analysis based on the student's progress from  teacher, which will be reviewed by the student before it gets sent out to the parent. 

1. Teacher creating newsletter for a student

Group 80 (1).png
Group 83.png

2. Students able to view and add a reflection or comment on their own newsletter

Group 82.png

3. Final Newsletter that Parents receive 

Group 85 (1).png

Feature 2: Appointment Scheduling

Parents are able to schedule meetings with the students' teachers and counselors easily through the platform without any contact

Group 83 (1).png
Group 84.png

Feature 3: Anonymous Counseling

Connects students with the counselors when they need advice for personal concerns, without any fear of consequence since it's held anonymously. 

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