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Nice to meet you!

I'm Jasmine Jung 


I am a junior at the Rhode Island School of Design pursuing BFA in Industrial Design with an interest in UX design.

I love working at the intersection of creative and user-friendly experiences. My goal as a designer is to create human-centered products that make a meaningful experience. 

Tell me about your story as a designer, I would love to tell you about mine!

While I'm not on can find me

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traveling around ! I value experiencing new culture, meeting different people, and most importantly, trying new food 

cooking at home: It's one of my biggest hobbies :)

jamming to music : I love all genres of music, but especially R&B, Hip hop, and Jazz are my go-to ! 

taking photos : photos are one of my ways to capture memories. I also enjoy making short vlog videos to share with my friends!

enjoying tea time : I'm a HUGE FAN of tea. Earl Grey, Matcha, and Oolong are definitely my most favorites:)

watching Broadway shows: watching musical brings me to different world where I feel like I'm in a magical world

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